AI Tech Package

Add AI tech to existing cameras — facial recognition driver ID, cloud-based machine vision to detect driver distraction/fatigue — instantly and affordably.

AI telematics cameras are expensive. Not every user is interested in the expense of outfitting their entire fleet with AI cameras to get the benefits of the latest AI technologies. The SmartWitness AI Tech Package is a software-based subscription offering that leverages AI and machine vision to identify the driver and determine whether fatigue or distraction contributed to an event, using non-AI cameras.

SmartID: Facial recognition technology tracks drivers, not vehicles
The AI Tech Package’s SmartID facial recognition-based driver identification feature instantly and automatically confirms who’s driving the vehicle. This saves drivers time and frustration, eliminating the need for trip log-in hardware and any confusion as to who was driving when an event occurred. Fleet managers appreciate the ability to track driver-based rather than vehicle-based event data.

C.A.R.E (Computer Analyzed Risk Evaluation):
The AI Tech Package determines whether distraction and/or fatigue were at the root cause of device-triggered events.

  • Driver fatigue: Identify through proprietary algorithms whether driver fatigue contributed (or didn’t) to an event
  • Driver distraction: Determine whether the driver was distracted (or wasn’t) before an event

Add AI capabilities without replacing existing cameras
As a cloud-based solution, the SmartWitness AI Tech Package can be quickly enabled without having to change driver-facing cameras or other hardware. That eliminates significant costs associated with new device purchases and extends the life of the existing hardware investment. And it’s easy to update as new AI features become available in the future.

AI that makes fleet management simpler, not more complex
Busy fleet owners have to weigh the benefits of new technology versus the cost, time and hassle of implementing it. As a subscription-based software model, the AI Tech Package is a low-cost, low-risk decision. A unique feature reduces complexity by enabling the user to set the threshold for notifications to fine-tune the amount of data generated and the time it takes to manage it.


The SmartWitness AI Tech Package delivers exciting benefits to fleet owners:

UNCOVER THE TRUER TRUTH OF WHAT HAPPENED. SmartWitness AI uses machine vision technology to analyze driver-facing camera data, instantly identifying the operator and determining when fatigue or distraction contributed to an event—and, definitively, when it didn’t.

IMPROVE FLEET PERFORMANCE WITH EXISTING EQUIPMENT. In video telematics today, most AI features are embedded in the camera. That means if you want the AI, you have to buy the AI camera. And AI-enabled cameras are expensive. Cloud-based SmartWitness AI can be instantly enabled using non-AI cameras.

EXTEND HARDWARE INVESTMENT LIFE. As a software solution residing in the cloud, the AI Tech Package improves the functionality of an entire fleet of driver-facing cameras immediately, with easy updates as new AI features become available. So users can make their current hardware investment work harder, longer.


The SmartWitness AI Tech Package delivers a robust set of features for a low monthly subscription fee:

Cloud-based software offering

  • Quick and easy activation
  • No hardware upgrades required
  • Data stored securely in the cloud
  • New features can be added as available

SmartID Facial recognition-based driver identification

  • Automatically confirms vehicle operator
  • Eliminates need for manual driver log-in
  • Enables data tracking based on driver rather than vehicle

C.A.R.E. (Computer Analyzed Risk Evaluation)

  • Proprietary cloud-based machine vision AI algorithm
  • Specifies whether distraction and/or fatigue were at the root cause of device-triggered events
Updated on March 12, 2022

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