AP1 Configuration Tool and Firmware 1.1.5

NOTE: If you’re using AP1 with a SIM and connected service, please consult your telematics provider or SmartWitness before attempting to update your device firmware. In this case, the firmware update can be much more easily applied to your device using the Smart API over-the-air update service. 

Firmware Version 1.1.5 offers various optimizations, bug fixes, and new features. While version 1.1.5 can be applied to AP1 devices without updating the device setting.ini configuration, some settings may not work properly. It is recommended to update both the device firmware and the AP1 setting.ini file using the updated configuration tool below. 

Config Tool: https://smartwitness.com/software/AP1_Configtool_1.1.4.zip
Firmware: https://smartwitness.com/software/AP1_firmware_1.1.5.zip

Configuration Tool 1.1.4 can be used with Firmware 1.1.5

AP1 Configuration Tool Guide

Updated on August 30, 2022

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