Artificial Intelligence Driving Events (AIDE)

Recent advancements in video telematics technology present a consistent, persistent challenge: Most are heavily dependent on G-sensor data.

This makes it difficult for the system to discern between a sharp curve and a collision avoidance maneuver, a pothole and a collision, and an expected acceleration and an unsafe speed increase.

The result? A flood of false alerts that overtax fleet managers’ time, reflect inaccurately on driver performance and undercut the true benefits and perceived efficacy of (and confidence in) video telematics.

SmartWitness has the answer, and it’s free to all customers.

Our AIDE software add-on leverages industry-best SmartAnalytics technology, taking into account a wider range of situational context to filter out false positives, reducing them by as much as tenfold.

Detect collisions, not potholes. Harsh cornering, not normal road curves. And relieve the frustration from false alerts that undermine fleet manager productivity and faith in the system and that negatively impact driver morale and retention.

Updated on August 20, 2021

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