Record Duration Calculations for Dual Mode

720P, 1Channel, 1FPS, Standard, without audio = ~ 81.9 hours

720P, 1Channel, 1FPS, Standard, with audio = ~ 80.3 hours

The device is setup to record 50% continuous and 50% events.

Continuous recording file will be overwritten after around 40.15 hours and it will have 19.00 hours event data.

If you record 20 seconds event file, you can expect 3,420 events files but the max event file number is 2,000.

So events will be overwritten after device records 2,000 event files.

It’s recommended to set 70% continuous and 30% event recording to maximize efficiency

This case you will have around 56.00 hours continuous file and ~ 2,000 event files.

Updated on August 5, 2021

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