SmartMail fleet software was developed with the micro fleet operator in mind. It delivers driver safety and protection information within moments of an incident taking place, whether it’s a road collision, an unsafe braking/speeding event or a driver-initiated panic button.

Using SmartWitness cellular-enabled dash cameras, any safety-critical road event will automatically transmit email notifications to fleet managers. The emails will contain the vehicle ID, GPS location, event type and short video clip of the incident. SmartMail’s web access allows for easy management of users, devices and events. Easily dismiss or confirm events and take action with your drivers to coach and improve risky behaviors.

Industry statistics show that the faster any claim can be picked up and managed by your insurer (whether your fault or not), the cheaper the claim is to resolve. The lower the claim cost, the less impact it has on your insurance renewal/loss ratio. If confirmed that something critical has happened, the email recipients are able to request the original high-definition footage that resides on the camera’s internal storage (up to 128GB), receiving that information in seconds. This takes your ability to manage any potential claim to the next level.

SmartMail utilizes much less cellular data than SmartAPI and SmartView and, as a result, is our most affordable fleet software.

SmartMail Features and Benefits

  • Video evidence to exonerate you and your driver from false claims
  • Built-in microphone, G-sensor and GPS to provide crucial evidence during incident analysis
  • Audible in-cab alarm option to encourage safe driving behaviors in real time
  • Enhanced ability to review, back up, report and share incident video/data
  • Potential insurance premium protection/reduction
  • Theft/crime deterrent
  • Increased speed of claim resolution
  • Proven reduction of incident frequency and disputed claims
Updated on August 19, 2021

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